Welcome to Flin Flon Histories

Flinty photoFor many years I thought about including a local history unit in my Grade XI Canadian History course at Hapnot Collegiate in Flin Flon and within it I imagined a walking tour of downtown.  Not being from here, I wasn’t sure if the community would react positively to my doing this.  Eventually I did it, and gradually my confidence grew and I started doing local history slideshows.  These provided me with feedback and so what I said about my slides was altered and added to over the years. 

The idea of a walking tour of the cemeteries always seemed like a logical next project, but for a lot of reasons I was intimidated.  Finally I decided that if I put my research into a magazine article I might initiate a conversation that could lead to a narrative that was as acceptable to the community as my slideshow presentations have been. The following then is offered as an opening gambit in what will hopefully be a dialog between myself and those who see in what I’ve done something that is worthwhile, but in need of repair or some additions.  It is a serious subject and hopefully I have shown appropriate respect where it is needed, and with those aspects that allow a certain amount of light-heartedness I will be forgiven for a little levity. 
~ Gerry Clark